Mint on the Solana Network

We turn art into NFTs

Start with attributes & layers to build a generative series, or upload your existing art. We'll create the smart contract & upload to the blockchain, enabling a no-code experience to launching your NFT mint.

We've launched dozens of successful projects already.

Composable Smart Contract

Setup a Mint, easily.

Create presales, live minting, gated mints & more through our platform.

A completely seamless experience to launching your NFT project on Solana.

The Complete NFT Operating System

Many ways to mint.

Whether you want to have Nova Launch host your site, or you're embedding on your own site, app, or game - we've got you covered.


Dedicated Mint SiteHosted by Nova Launch

Securely hosted on our custom server infrastructure configured for high volume distributed traffic during live minting.


Embedded SnippetEasily add to your existing site

Already built & hosting your own site? Easily embed our minting snippet to render a Nova Launch mint button - complete with a full Javascript SDK.


Secure Mint PageHost a Mint Subdomain on Nova

A simple link is all you need to give your community. We'll host a minting page on our secure infrastructure and smart contract.

The trusted minting platform

Instill Confidence

Powering some of the most respected projects on the Solana ecosystem, we provide both creators & communities a fast, secure minting experience.

  • Resistant against bots
  • No hacked mints

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Any questions? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.