Nova Launch NFT Generator

Your Art is Everything

Complete control over your NFT collection, before, during, and after minting.

Fine tune your collection's rarity & more.

Nova Launch Rule Engine

Our Advanced Rule Layering Engine

Art layering is for complex sets, and no one-size fits all.

Unlimited possibilites with a powerful rules engine to precisely & randomly generate your art collection.

The Complete NFT Operating System

Full Service Minting

The Nova Team combines a passion for art, NFTs, industry expertise & proven record in helping successful NFT partners to make your NFT launch a reality.


Dedicated Mint SiteHosted by Nova Launch

Securely hosted on our custom server infrastructure configured for high volume distributed traffic during live minting.


Time Locked Smart ContractNo Bots Preminting

We encode a timestamp lock on our smart contract to only allow minting after your mint officially launches - down to the precise second. Fair & bot resistant.


A Trusted Mint ParterCommunity trusted by several successful projects

Nova Launch is selective with which projects we work with to ensure success for all involved, and we bring that reputation to all projects we launch.

Advanced Rarity Assurance

Rarity is Key

By the time your community is minting, it's too late. Rest easy with our rarity calculations before uploading.

  • No Duplicates - Ever
  • Automatically Checks for Errors

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